Trailer/Truck Dispensing

This type of special event equipment is normally reserved for large events which have limited facilities for dispensing draft beer. We prepare the trailers at our warehouse and then transport the product and system to the event.

These trailers and trucks have self contained refrigeration units to maintain temperature and normally consist of a direct draw system set up with shanks mounted directly to the walls of the vehicles. CO2 is used to propel product through the system.

Coil Box Coolers - Ice Water Bath System

Suitable for high volume and general use special event applications.


• Use cubed ice within a water bath (drain some water from the cooler when additional ice is required).

• Cover coils completely with ice and water.

• 33-35 PSIG of applied pressure when dispensing beer at room temperature or higher.

• Beer can be continuously drawn from the faucet at 36˚ – 38˚ F.