Keg Prices

Until further notice, we will not be accepting cash at our retail counter.

Limited Hours! 10:00am – 2:00pm. Otherwise please call for an appointment.

Limited offer due to COVID-19 restrictions put forth by order of the Governor of Ohio. While supplies last.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

1/2 Barrels - Deposit $30

1/2 Barrels - 15.5 Gallons.Retail
Alaskan Amber$136.96
Bud Light$86.31
Busch Light$74.43
Budweiser Select$86.31
Elevator Nut Brown$150.31
Homestead Beach Bummin$138.75
Homestead Galactic Heroes $138.75
Homestead Hazer Beam$201.25
Homestead Snake Oil$163.75
Homestead Tenpenny$138.75
Michelob Amber$90.06
Michelob Ultra$90.06
Millersburg Lot 21 Blonde$141.25
Millersburg French Ridge$162.50
New Belguim Fat Tire$146.04
Rockmill Pilsner$161.88
Rockmill White$172.13
Rolling Rock$86.31
Stella Artois $135.93
Virtue Cider Rose$152.09
Yuengling Lager$79.40
Yuengling Light Lager$76.29
Yuengling Premium Light$65.40

1/4 Barrels - Deposit $30

1/4 Barrels - 7.75 Gallons.Retail
Bud Light$48.42
Yuengling Lager$47.77

1/6 Barrels - Deposit $30

1/6 Barrels - 5.17 Gallons.Tax and Deposit
Alaskan Amber$58.16
Alaskan Imperial Bock$84.41
Alaskan Oatmeal Stout$84.41
Alaskan Smoked Porter$84.41
Elevator Midway Light$48.13
Goose Island Bourbon County Stout$209.74
Granville Brewing Petite Saison$86.25
Granville Brewing The Traveller$86.25
Granville Brewing Wagner$86.25
Homestead Galactic Heroes$63.75
Homestead Horizon$82.50
Homestead Snake Oil$76.25
Homestead Tenpenny$63.75
Homestead Ulysses$63.75
Mother Earth Cali Creamin$68.34
Mother Earth Hop Diggity $89.46
Michelob Amber$38.15
Michelob Ultra$38.15
Millersburg Lot 21$58.13
Millersburg French Ridge$72.50
Millersburg Major Holmes$79.38
Millersburg Nuthouse Peanut Butter Porter$66.88
New Belgium Fat Tire$69.06
New Belgium La Foile$134.45
New Belgium Voodoo Juicy Haze IPA$73.56
Platform New Cleveland$45.00
Platform High River Bourbon Barrel Stout$145.24
Platform Haze Jude$66.88
Platform The Ghost Inside$66.88
Platform Mimosa $70.38
Platform Shine A Little Light$66.87
Platform Speed Merchant$62.36
Rockmill Peace Among the Pines$88.75
Rockmill Pilsner$68.75
Rockmill Rugged Expanse$88.75
Rockmill Saison$88.75
Rockmill Saison Noir$88.75
Rockmill White$74.48
Rockmill Witbier$88.75
Stella Artois$65.57
Stella Cidre$47.84